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The Ombudsman's Nightmare

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 18 July 2017
The Ombudsman's Nightmare

The secret to dealing with difficult complainants is in having robust and transparent complaint handling systems and processes, according to Amy Fish of Concordia University.

Amy told delegates at the recent 2017 FCO/ACCUO Biennial Conference in Canada that policies and procedures are the ‘friend’ of professionals who have to deal with difficult complaints.

Amy also discussed the topic of the ‘Ombudsman’s nightmare’ which she said was the fear of dropping the ball or ‘missing’ a key stage in the complaint handling procedure.

Workpro’s Ken Naismith agreed that having robust, visible processes is key to achieving best practice in complaint handling.

Ken explained: “It is our experience that the Ombuds community can benefit from a dedicated complaints management software that enables them to deliver an auditable, compliant process for handling complaints.

“Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé said in his keynote speech to conference that accountability, fairness and transparency are vital components in establishing trust in any complaint handling process.”

Ken added: “Workpro’s cloud or on premise complaint handling softwares enables the Ombuds community to deliver a consistent, fair and transparent process - helping to maintain trust and deliver added value to their organisations.”

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