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The Complaints Handling Process- a recent experience!

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 10 June 2015
The Complaints Handling Process- a recent experience!

Ofcom has revealed the latest figures for the best and worst customer complaints for landline and broadband service, with EE receiving the most complaints. However, data for the nine months to Dec 2014 showed a continuing decline in total volume of complaints overall. This led me to wonder - are services getting better? Are customers becoming less likely to complain (contrary to what general trends would suggest)? Or is another factor at work?

Of course there is a link between the first two possible explanations; ultimately a better service will result in fewer complaints. However as experts in software for complaints management, we often wonder if organisations make it easy enough for their customers to complain or give feedback.

A recent experience with CityLink bus services serves as a useful example. A few weekends ago I was travelling to Glasgow from Edinburgh via bus, a service which is usually very reliable and extremely good value for money. Unfortunately the bus drove past me and 4 other customers stood at the bus stop. This was a problem. I had an appointment in Glasgow that morning…not to mention the embarrassment of running down the road flapping my arms in the air.

After a brief phone call with their customer services department I was left annoyed and out of pocket as apparently there was ‘nothing they could do’. I then had to pay for a train to get to Glasgow on time. Enraged, I sent out a tweet to CityLink Scotland and to my surprise received a reply within the hour. Long story short, I have been refunded my bus AND train ticket and was sent an extremely apologetic email from a lovely lady in their complaints department called Roisan.

The point of my story is, it should not have taken a tweet from me to deal with this complaint. My issue should have been dealt with immediately over the phone by their customer service team - before my issues were broadcast to CityLink’s 3,000+ Twitter followers. Hence I wonder if the reduction in complaints revealed by Ofcom is due to service improvements, or the difficult process involved in making a complaint that could perhaps cause a customer to just give up.

Points to take away:

·  Align your customer service and complaints handling teams

·  Respond quickly and efficiently to your customers, however they make contact

·  Make it easy for your customers to give feedback on your product or service.

Workpro complaints management software allows your entire customer services department to handle customer feedback from one consolidated system. With effective workflows and powerful reporting, we can ensure your team are working in alignment and that your business can learn and profit from customer feedback.

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