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New Complaints Handling Standard Published

by Eskimo Commands | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 10 September 2015

Does anybody actually like getting complaints? The answer is probably no. However, it is also fair to say that with the prevalence of social media now making it easier than ever for customers to complain, they are almost an inevitable part of life for most organisations.

So it is welcome news that BSI, the business standards company, has published a new standard to help organisations deal with complaints effectively.

BS8543:2015 Complaint handling in organizations sets out good practice for a complaint-handling process, including planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement.

It is the first new standard in this area for many years, developed using input from a team of complaints experts, and likely to be particularly useful to service providers such as local authorities, banks, the NHS, utility companies and retailers.

Whereas badly handled complaints can be devastating, properly handled complaints can improve an organisation’s reputation, build customer loyalty, enhance customer satisfaction and boost customer retention.

And they can help identify problems with an organisation’s products or services that can then be rectified.

The importance of handling complaints well was emphasised by a BSI survey last year when a third of respondents said they had changed service provider due to poor handling of complaints.

The same survey revealed how many people now go online to make complaints –more than a fifth of respondents had used social media to complain about service.

The prevalence of social media means the views of unhappy customers are there for all to see. In the worst instances complaints go viral. This makes it more crucial than ever for organisations to have an effective complaints handling process, so BS8543:2015 has not come a moment too soon.

Our Workpro complaints management software guides users through automated processes and workflows to ensure effective handling of complaints. It is continually being enhanced and our development team is ensuring it promotes compliance with the new BSI standard.

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