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MOD achieve greater control and consistency in ER Casework

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 9 August 2018
MOD achieve greater control and consistency in ER Casework

The DE&S HR team support 12,000 employees working in the procurement and supplies area of the UK MOD. The HR team needed a new case management system to track ER casework for this large workforce, with improved efficiency and reporting as key drivers - and they needed it deployed within 6 weeks.

Workpro HR was selected from the UK Government Digital Marketplace, using the G Cloud framework. Deployment of the new Workpro system was achieved on time, with the core system going live just 2 weeks from contract sign-off.

Given the tight timescales, MOD needed an HR case management system that was ‘ready to go’, but they also wanted the ability to customise elements of the system to their ways of working. Two factors stood out in the Workpro solution – the number of case types pre-configured into the system and the ability to further customise.

However, after using the “out of the box” Workpro system successfully for a year, DE&S have found the amount of customisation required to be much less than originally anticipated - tweaks to their terminology and local processes for example - and this phase can be conducted without time pressure.

The DE&S HR team now have one system from which they can manage all employee relations case activity. This has greatly reduced the administrative burden and has eliminated duplication of effort, saving time and therefore cost. There is also greater confidence that cases are being handled consistently and within deadlines. DE&S management now have access to information and reports on ER casework, that previously would have been difficult and time consuming to access and collate

Simon Hancock Casework Operations Partner DE&S MOD comments:

 “Workpro offered us all the features we needed, at the right cost. The HR team enjoy the greater degree of control Workpro gives them over their workload. The service provided to the business as a result has improved, with easier reporting to line managers on case status for example, as well as reduced turnaround time for case handling.”

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