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Legal Complaints handling guide: A smaller solution

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 22 January 2015
Legal Complaints handling guide: A smaller solution

The legal profession is putting its weight behind the importance of good complaint handling. Increasingly organisations are required to demonstrate that clients can easily and constructively complain and achieve resolution without the need for costly legal action.

It may seem strange that the very people who might benefit from disputes are promoting such an initiative; that surely signals that introducing effective complaint management will eventually be forced upon those who have not already embraced the benefits good handling brings.

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission has launched a new Complaint Handling Guide for Advocates  on how to properly record and resolve complaints. Many Ombudsman organisations are doing likewise, stipulating best practice processes to be followed. In addition the emergence of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) regulation affects just about every provider of any service. 

This can be an issue for organisations with a small number of users. They may recognise their need for a professional system to manage complaints, but cost has been a hindrance until now. So they have had to compromise on features.

Recognising that low volume users still require professional standards, a new “starter size” version of the well-established complaint management system Workpro ( is being launched, with licencing options that equip low volume users with a low cost solution that is as feature rich as most full scale installations.

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