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Learn from your mistakes in complaint handling

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 5 April 2017
Learn from your mistakes in complaint handling

Companies who invest in complaints handling systems and software have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction.

No one likes making mistakes and in our experience, many businesses are not sufficiently prepared to manage complaints from their customers. We believe that effective complaint management needs to be correctly established and properly resourced - as ad hoc methods will sooner or later cause problems.

Workpro’s Ken Naismith explained the importance of having a dedicated system that allows you to identify any problem cases, so that you can act quickly and 'nip complaints in the bud'.

Ken said: “Our software gives you oversight so that you can readily identify the cases and complaints that need to be escalated so you can prevent a complaint from going toxic.

“Workpro has been developed while working with a wide number of businesses and organisations of all sizes and across many sectors. We have designed our software to easily fit into your systems and processes in a way that allows you to achieve a lot more with less.”

Ken said that Workpro ensures that organisations follow the correct procedure when handling complaints and that this can protect them from regulatory fines and customer backlash.

He said: “Workpro is a specialist complaint handling system that gives you a process that works, and that is transparent and fair."

He added: “A further benefit of using a dedicated complaint handling system, is that it provides opportunities for the organisation to learn from mistakes.

“Workpro has tools that can help identify trends and root cause, so that you have an opportunity to improve your systems and processes.

“You will be able to implement a cost-effective complaint handling system that delivers value to your customers and your organisation.”

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