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HR managers can get more out of their team with Workpro

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 24 August 2017
HR managers can get more out of their team with Workpro

A dedicated HR employee relations management system can help ease the burden of a busy HR team.

At Workpro, we understand the challenges that HR professionals need to meet to be successful in managing their employee relations caseload.  Many HR managers have told us that they feel under pressure to ensure that they are adding value to their organisation and are often left feeling stressed that their ad hoc system may let them down.

Ken Naismith explained that Workpro case management software has been developed in collaboration with HR managers working in organisations of all sizes and across many sectors of commerce and industry.


Ken said: “Ad hoc systems are not acceptable for HR professionals, as there is too much risk that essential steps might be missed. We developed Workpro to provide a cost effective, dedicated software system which ensures that the correct procedures are followed and that helps ease the burden on busy HR teams.

“The feedback we received allowed us to hone our software, so that it has features which allow HR professionals to provide more value to their organisations, and has the tools and resources that help them to achieve more with less.”

Workpro has been developed to give HR managers a fair, consistent and transparent process that also provides them with the ability to give overview of employee relations casework to the business.

Ken added: “Workpro has tools that allow for overview and 'not oversight' of casework and many customers have told us that they have peace of mind that they will not drop the ball on an important case.

“Workpro is a powerful tool that helps HR professionals to deliver more value to the business and helps them to ease the stress of managing a heavy caseload.”

Find out how Workpro can help your HR team to achieve more with less: click here to get your demo.


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