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HR Case Management in an orderly fashion

by Ken Naismith | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 20 May 2015
HR Case Management in an orderly fashion

Imagine a place where all the documents associated with an HR case stood in orderly fashion until you wanted to refer to them. No, not a filing cabinet; you can save space as well as trees while storing and accessing letters, e-mails, notes, qualification certificates, physio reports, policy documents... you name it... from a secure HR case management software system that you control.

Imagine that your team was automatically notified, reminded and alerted as timescales ticked toward deadlines.

And managers were guided along the appropriate process, depending on the HR issue at hand. Getting it right, and not getting it wrong!

Imagine boosting confidence in the security of sensitive data while bringing convenience by way of authorised access from branch, site, or head office, wherever you need to be.

These are just some of the capabilities that case workers in numerous professions have enjoyed for years and, increasingly, HR professionals are adopting case management software to improve productivity while ensuring compliance with HR process, convenience and cost-effectveness.

If your organisation has a heavy Employee Relations case load, from routine enquiries to potentially complex clashes, Workpro HR is definitely worth asking about.  

Workpro sits alongside your existing payroll and other systems, drawing information if you want it to.  It guides you through the process, keeping to timescales.  Enabling your team to "do more with less" is what Workpro is about.

You may be driven by avoiding procedural pitfalls.  Or perhaps you see how you can better serve the business, support individual team members with a lift in efficiency.  Maybe it's the security with multi-level access authorities that appeals. 

Click here to learn how WorkPro can save you time, money and help reduce the burden with your HR case management.

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