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Hands on HR managers keep a grip on caseload.

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 10 August 2017
Hands on HR managers keep a grip on caseload.

It’s challenging trying to handle complex HR casework at the best of times, and even more so if you are having to make do with ad hoc systems, such as spreadsheets.

HR managers who do not have a dedicated employee case management system are at risk of “dropping the ball”.

Working across industry sectors, many have told us here at Workpro that the consequences of slipping up has increased their stress levels.

Workpro’s Ken Naismith said that having a consistent, guided process to employee case management is the key to helping stretched HR managers to gain control. 

A case management system that helps you to “simply deal with” routine actions, while tracking and concentrating core efforts on serious casework immediately releases the pressure valve.

Ken explained: “Ad hoc systems are no longer acceptable for professional HR managers, who have ever more regulations to adhere to while meeting increased service demands from their organisation. Sooner or later, something will give and the consequences will be down to which ball is dropped.

“We developed our Workpro case management system in collaboration with HR professionals. Our aim was to develop a guided, consistent approach to Employee Relations casework to help staff to follow processes and deliver consistency.”


Ken added: “Our software helps boost the productivity of your team and will help you to achieve more with less. It has the tools and features that really make a difference in relieving the burden of a heavy case load.”


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