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Equate Scotland

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in General | 22 December 2014

We are delighted to be mentioned in a recent article by Equate Scotland  about their Careerwise Placement Scheme. This was the first year Equate launched their new work placement scheme specifically for women studying a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) subject at University.

The Careerwise program has noticed the traditional labour pool is shrinking and competition for skilled workers, in some STEM industries, is fierce*. Their aim is to identify talented woman early on in their studies in order to raise their profile for potential future employment.

As an employer in the technology environment it is very difficult to find female employees with the relevant skills. Shamara Thomson, who spent eight weeks working at CAS, is currently studying for a BSc Hons degree in Software Engineering at Stirling University. Shamara worked in the software engineering team and contributed to our growing automated test platform for Workpro. The platform was at this point at a very early stage of development, and Shamara had a significant influence in shaping it.

As a smaller company we have a lot to offer a young person, to be part of a close-knit team and make genuine impact on day to day activities within the workplace.

We are keen to continue bringing students into CAS on an annual basis, it not only gives us new incite with a fresh pair of eyes, but allows us to increase our presence and brand image within Scottish Universities.

For more information on becoming an CareerWise Placement  host click here…


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