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Employee Ownership- The Journey so far!

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Employee Ownership | 16 October 2014

At the start of 2014 CAS and Workpro  team made the bold move into employee ownership, led by our CEO Ken Naismith.

Why did we make this move? What were the benefits for us, and most importantly, what are the benefits for our customers?

Employee ownership is on the increase in the UK with the number of employee owned businesses increasing at an annual rate of 9%. Delivering 4% of annual UK GDP at present, employee ownership is not as common in the UK largely down to the strong presence of PLC’s in the market; however interest in the business model is growing. Employee owned businesses grew sales by 11.1% in the recent recession compared to non-employee owned businesses which only grew by 0.6%- this is the kind of resilience we want to maintain for our company.

There are many advantages to employee ownership, but for us, one of the biggest factors is the renewed strength of our team! Being a small company in a competitive market, we maintain a collaborative approach to working; this has been strengthened by our Employee Ownership status. Employees now have a greater insight and input to the overall business; we are a more engaged and fulfilled workforce.

According to Edinburgh Napier University , 80% of employee owners are happy to recommend their organisation as a place to work- and we agree! With high levels of communication, the team is kept up to date and in the loop with product and process developments.

We believe this move will increase consumer confidence in CAS and our Workpro case management product; as one of the impacts of a more engaged workforce is greater innovation. Our employees now have a greater voice within the development of our company as we regularly take time to share ideas about how to improve our products, and processes.

Our team has always been conscientious, hardworking and professional, employee ownership has enabled us to harness and use our different skills with more focus. We are enjoying having common goals to strive for; it truly has given us a new lease of life!     

As part of our employee ownership status, we have joined The Employee Ownership Association (EOA)  the voice of co-owned businesses in the UK!                                

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