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Consistency in HR Case management – vital keys to avoiding costs

by Ken Naismith | Posted in HR Case Management software system | 13 March 2019
Consistency in HR Case management – vital keys to avoiding costs

Employment Tribunals have gone up by 137% in the last 9 months in the UK, a huge factor being the removal of tribunal fees. Pressure on the tribunal system is reflected in a 9-month backlog.

Organisations are under pressure too; it is estimated that the average cost of a tribunal is £30,000 to an employer if legal fees, staff time and compensation all feature – much more if a replacement has also to be recruited.

Anything that can make this process easier and reduce the risk, becomes a worthwhile investment.

Consistency is reportedly one of the main things an Employment Tribunal looks at in HR case management. Has process been consistently followed? Is the process used relevant for your industry? One size does not fit all.

Even the basics can trip employers up. It is a sobering thought, for example, that ACAS found 7 out of 10 companies do not have procedures to record that Informal meetings have taken place.

The bottom line is, the best way to mitigate your risk is to ensure your organisation has a superbly documented process that has been consistently applied.

Given the pressure most HR teams and business managers are under, that is not always easy. HR Directors we have spoken to rely on a combination of spreadsheets and their (often impressive) experience and memory. But what happens if a key individual is off for any reason, and a vital e-mail is in their in-box?  And wouldn’t it be good to remove the overall hassle factor by deploying a solution that enables all authorised users to see the big picture?

Public and private sector organisations are turning to a dedicated HR case management system like Workpro to promote Consistency and Compliance.

Compliance is ensured through built-in workflows that guide users along the correct process. All case information is stored in the case record and can be quickly collated (e.g. for presentation at tribunals). Chronological audit trails of all case activity are kept should you need to monitor or prove how a case was handled.

Consistency is additionally assured through features such as lookup lists which ensure data is consistently categorised and recorded, and templates which enable standardised documentation and correspondence to be produced at relevant process stages.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of utilising modern case management technology; meaningful management information – to spot trends, highlight trouble spots, identify risk and areas for improvement. If you find yourself spending hours or days compiling statistics and reports for management meetings, you will also welcome the Convenience of a case management system which allows you to produce reports “at the touch of a button”.

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Workpro HR case management system supports Human Resources teams and Employee Relations specialists to effectively track and process complex HR cases. Data Protection (GDPR and SAR) cases can be managed in the same system.

It promotes better service, increased productivity and compliance. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done next, by when and by whom.

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