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Complaint management: What do you consider an outrage?

by Ken Naismith | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 27 November 2014

Speaking at a recent complaint handling seminar in London, one of our customers made a very valid point; there's a big difference between a person being outraged about something that doesn't suit them, and an outrage being committed against them.

Our customer, the Local Government Ombudsman, uses Workpro to manage cases that have to placate the former and redress the latter.

Attendees recognised that a complaint can cost an organisation, on average, £200 to handle. And that assumes no complications and doesn't include work required to put things right.  Increasingly, delegates recognised the toll on complainants too, when they have legitimate cause and resolution seems so elusive. 

Workpro offers a way to uphold service levels while holding down complaint management costs - and that was a well-received message at the conference.

However another interesting point came out of discussions. With the compensation culture on the rise, an effective complaint management process (and a system like Workpro) can nip in the bud fallout emanating from the outraged, and quickly identify and put right genuine outrages. And then go one step further by ensuring lessons are learned to prevent future recurrences.  


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