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Avert customer service disaster with a dedicated complaints tracking system

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 22 February 2018
Avert customer service disaster with a dedicated complaints tracking system

Many veins run through a complaint. Properly recorded and analysed, the lessons learned really can become the lifeblood of continuous improvement and disaster aversion. Squander these opportunities to improve and your organisation risks death by a thousand cuts.

This all sounds a bit dramatic but consider the how social media has  changed traditional statistics; no longer does a disgruntled customer tell 10 people – they quite literally tell the world. It is no longer stretching the point to state that share price is ultimately affected by an organisation’s response to mistakes.

Complaints tracking systems give companies an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction.

Let’s face facts, even the best companies receive customer complaints but with good management these can be dealt with before there is a chance of things getting out of hand.

In our experience, many businesses just do not have the process tools and resources to effectively track customer complaints.  They often use ad hoc methods, such as Excel spreadsheets, and this ‘make do’ approach will sooner or later cause problems.

Workpro’s Ken Naismith explained the importance of having a dedicated customer complaint tracking system that flags problem cases, enabling you to intervene and ‘nip issues in the bud’.

Ken said: “When something goes wrong, it is key that you quickly acknowledge that you have an issue, get to the heart of the matter and put it right, keeping customers informed. Finally it is important to review the situation, how it was handled and what the outcome was.

“Our complaint tracking system gives you total oversight of even the most complex case work. It has tools to help you identify where you need to take rapid action to prevent a complaint from going toxic, flagging bottlenecks or sensitive cases for instance. Reporting tools help you identify root causes and any developing trends. From there plans for improvements to products and services can be made.

“Workpro allows you to implement a cost-effective complaint tracking system that delivers value to your customers and your organisation.”

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