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Announcing Workpro V4.0 and Upgraded Cloud Hosting

by Lynne Campbell | Posted in General | 14 March 2019
Announcing Workpro V4.0 and Upgraded Cloud Hosting

Workpro V4.0 is being rolled out with exciting new and improved features.
In addition, we have significantly upgraded our cloud hosting infrastructure to offer increased performance and very high levels of resilience. 

Please read on to find out more...

Standard Reporting Suite and Integrated Report Designer

Reporting has been improved with access to a suite of standard, ready-to-use reports and report creation within Workpro.You can set parameters, edit, export and print reports. You can also create new ones using the Report Designer - all from a new, simplified user interface.

Single Sign On

Workpro can now be integrated with Single Sign On as an alternative model of authentication, e.g. Azure, Shibboleth. 

Case Level Access Controls

Your system administrator can now assign individual user permissions right down to case level, e.g. to deny access to a sensitive case. Permissions can also be copied from another user to save time.

GDPR Case Type

In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation which became law in May 2018, we have added a new GDPR-compliant Data Protection (DP) case type to Workpro.

Multiple Document Upload and Bundle

You can now easily collate a number of documents for inclusion in a PDF bundle, complete with Table of Contents - useful for sending documents to a regulator or other stakeholder for example. You can also upload multiple documents at once to a case and instantly see them in the document summary.

Improved Filtering

You can now create a CSV file from most of the grids within Workpro, with any filtering applied kept. Selections will be automatically downloaded to a CSV file where data can be further manipulated and analysed as required.
Filtering has also been made more powerful and straightforward with the addition of AND/OR logic.

Social Media Module

Workpro’s new module scans social media platforms for relevant mentions and allows you to easily create a case. This enables you to capture complaints, compliments etc., on Twitter for example, using pre-defined parameters.

Extended Case History

Case History now records field changes and document activities, such as whether a document has been uploaded, viewed or modified. You can also see if someone has opened or viewed a case. You can also choose to have certain actions highlighted.

Upgraded Workpro Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

We have significantly upgraded the Workpro Private Cloud with increased performance and resilience. Our cloud hosting infrastructure is now truly world class, built with redundant, resilient backup components at every possible point to withstand hardware failures. Software resilience is also built-in in the form of warm standby servers with duplicate sites for each customer.  Different configurations of cloud hosting are available, allowing clients to tailor the level of security and resilience to meet their business needs.

Find Out More

It is only possible to give a brief overview of the new features here. We would be delighted to discuss them with you and how you can take advantage of them. We would also love your feedback and suggestions.

There is also more in store, with document versioning, user interface improvements and other features currently in development. 

Please contact us for more details.



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