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Alternative Dispute Resolution makes us all do...

by Ken Naismith | Posted in Complaints management solutions | 5 February 2015
Alternative Dispute Resolution makes us all do...

Perhaps if you read blogs, you may be too young to remember the TV campaign that introduced the painting of yellow squares at busy road junctions.  The ad said "Box junctions encourage us all to do what the best drivers have been doing for years."

The European Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) directive  which comes in to effect this year (July 2015) does much the same. ADR will effectively make good complaint handling an obligation, but those organisations that have been doing it for years are already reaping the benefits.

These benefits include better customer retention, a more empowered and committed workforce and greatly reduced costs around righting the wrongs after the proverbial has hit the fan.

Used by some of the UK’s largest Ombudsman schemes (and they know a thing or two about good complaint handling), Workpro  is a complete system for recording, managing and reporting on cases, complaints, customer feedback, enquiries and issues. It comes with ‘best of the best’ complaint handling practices already built in and can be further tailored if required. Workpro allows those at the sharp end of customer service to reap the benefits of efficient complaints handling – quickly and a low cost.

Get in touch for your free online demo.  And do what the best complaints handlers have been doing for years.

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