Issues & Investigation Case Management

Log, manage and analyse issues and exceptions. Cases that don't fit into a defined category but need investigation.

Workpro investigation tracking software captures "non-conformance issues" early, helping to coordinate action to promote quick resolution.

You may have systems in place to manage routine maintenance and emergency responses, but some "cases" don't fit neatly in to a defined category. When an issue is flagged for investigation, Workpro provides a single repository where "non-conformance" cases can be logged and managed.

One integrated system
Working alongside your existing systems, Workpro is a more intelligent way to resolve service exceptions. It adds visibility to the process using intelligent workflow to proactively manage issues through to quick resolution. You are in control, deciding how issues are tackled. Everything is to hand in one integrated system.

Uphold Service Levels
Workpro gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done, by when and whom – whether operations managers, call handlers or third party suppliers.  It reduces the risk that an initially non-critical service exception or minor recurring issue could fall through the cracks, or escalate to be a major problem.

We work with you to set the priority and timescales for when issues transfer from and to Workpro – a system tailored to your needs.


Workpro creates a roadmap for when things go wrong. For example a work task has been executed and closed on time, but is followed by a complaint regarding the engineer’s behaviour. Workpro drives your commercial terms and internal processes to ensure the customer is assured of a positive, evidenced outcome with potential cost savings all round.

John O’Connell, Facilities Management Consultant


A solution for every type of business.

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Issues & Investigation Case Management

Workpro software helps you capture, track and report on issues and exceptions. Cases that don't fit into a neat category, but require investigation and analysis.

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